Cycling on magical roads of Long island

Long island is about 40km long. Sakarun bay and our swim course is located on the west end of the island while Sali, our T2 transition, is on a south end of the island. Open sea on southwest side and scattered island on north side of the road will follow you all the way.
With elevation of 1200m this is no easy task, but is very rewarding!

Bicycle – 90km 

·       87km, 1266 m alt., (39km + 24 km +24 km)

·       open for traffic

·       Refreshment zone  (14km, 39 km, 63 km)

·       Refreshment offer: bananas and bike bottles with water and isotonic

·       Referees will be on motorcycles

·       Stewards will be placed at the critical points

·       Drafting is not allowed

·       TT bike, aero helmet and long aero bars are allowed

·       time limit: 5:30h from the start.

·       competitors who did not arrive within the time limit will be disqualified (DSQ), they can continue race entirely on their own risk!

Check course on map