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Croatia's best kept secret - island Dugi otok
Discover triathlon embraced by nature


Perfect nature for perfect triathlon

Dugi Otok (Long Island) is, as its name suggests, the longest island of the Zadar archipelago and offers everything that is needed for organizing a unique triathlon experience: a long road and the beautiful sea. Swimming at the sandy beach of Sakarun, cycling along the length of the breathtaking island of Dugi Otok (from Sakarun to Telašćica Nature Park) and continuing with running through the park takes the power of the entire experience to a whole new level, while also stimulating our motivation to be even faster and better. Join us on this beautiful triathlon adventure and see why you’ll never forget Dugi Otok...

Triathlon Long island - Embraced by nature

Triathlon Long Island 2023 video

Long island nature

The islands have long been known as an oasis of peace for travellers giving them an overwhelming experience of relaxation and spiritual and physical rest. Each island still has its „wild“ side as a true evidence of the constant activities of unstoppable forces of nature - the sea and the wind.
Dugi otok is a true example of a place where these two opposites are most evident.Picturesque villages and secluded beaches collide with majestic cliffs and lush vegetation.

Sakarun bay

Seen from the hillside above the bay, the sea is an intense turquoise-blue, more akin to the Caribbean than the Adriatic. The bay faces south, onto the open sea, and is rimmed by an 800-metre arch of smooth white stone, which in turn is backed by pinewoods. This is Saharun (aka Sakarun) beach, one of Croatia’s loveliest but least-known spots.


On the outer side of Telašćica Bay vertical cliffs rise into the most prominent steep slope of the Adriatic Sea – the famous “stine” of Dugi otok. The steep slope stretches from Cape Mrzlovica in the southwest to the mountainside of Veli Vrh in the southeast reaching a height of 161 m in Grpašćak. The greatest depths can reach 85 m. The area is rich in interesting flora and fauns, and dolphins may be seen swimming along the cliffs. Different corals, including the already endangered red corals, live underwater on the cliffs.

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